How it all Began!

Gardenia Flower, the inspiration for Candle Romance

During the early summer of 2020, my husband and I were relaxing in our backyard at our home in Portland, Oregon. I became aware of a beautiful scent I was not familiar with, it was the aroma of the gardenia flowers that had just bloomed, and it was filling up the air with their seductive aroma. I fell in love with the scent immediately, and my obsession in capturing that fragrance began.

I started experimenting by infusing oils with the gardenia petals, and was not successful. It was a few days later I saw an advertisement for a candle making kit on the internet, which got my wheels thinking into what a great idea it would be to make a candle using that scent as my inspiration.

That was the beginning of my candle making journey, and the rest is history!

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